Welcome to Grow into Spanish!

What are these classes like?

Fun! Kids learn Spanish in a bilingual manner with lots of activity, positive reinforcement and lighthearted fun. After introducing a set of vocabulary centered on a theme (such as farm animals, clothing, family, etc.), I guide the children through a series of songs, games and activities. We play with the words and learn verbs and phrases to support them. As the children gain a sense of mastery of the key vocabulary, we shift to a new theme, building on what they’ve previously learned.

The whole body is involved in the learning through incorporating sign language and movement activities. We sing, dance, sign, read stories, play games… all while learning Spanish! Parents are welcome to attend classes with their child and learn along with them.

Where are classes held?

My specialty is group lessons for young children. I bring weekly lessons to childcare centers, preschools and community centers as well as some after-school programs. Classes are held in Verona, Fitchburg, West Madison, Stoughton, and Mt. Horeb.

How much can a preschooler learn at such a young age?

You will be amazed! Preschool is an ideal time to learn a second language because the brain’s language-learning neurons are still active. Because these classes focus on the fun, the children pick up the language quickly and easily.

NEW! Spanish lessons at Gymfinity!

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