¡Bienvenido! Welcome to super fun Spanish lessons for kids! We teach group lessons at childcare centers, preschools, community centers and after-school programs in the Madison area.

These classes are a fun and convenient way for kids to learn this valuable language at just the right time in their development. We teach in a light-hearted, engaging way with lots of music and games to make the learning fun. We start out with basics, and then work through a series of themes throughout the year that help the children build their vocabulary while learning to put the words together into  phrases and sentences. 

Kids learn Spanish in a bilingual manner with lots of activity and positive reinforcement. In these lively classes, the whole body gets involved.  We sing, dance, read stories, play games, a little sign language, too… all while learning Spanish!

You will be amazed at how fast kids can learn a second language at such a young age. Don’t wait until middle school! Early childhood is an ideal time to begin because the brain’s language-learning neurons are still active. Because these classes focus on the fun, children pick up the language quickly and easily.

Start your child today on the road to being bilingual. See the Schedule page for options.