Spanish Camp2012¡Hola! I am Marti Fechner, the Owner/Instructor of Grow into Spanish LLC. Students called me Maestra Marti (maestra means teacher in Spanish). I have been teaching group Spanish lessons in the Madison area since 2006, and I love what I do! Since my first exposure at age 12, I have loved Spanish. When I graduated from Marquette University with my bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communications in Business from their college of Speech, I also earned my minor in Spanish.

Inspired by a sister of mine and her Peruvian husband who are raising their children bilingually, I decided to teach my children Spanish and witnessed first-hand how quickly they pick it up. After working many years in management in the computer software industry and then as a corporate trainer, I changed gears to bring my skills in teaching, business and parenting to the role of children’s Spanish teacher.

My style of teaching is active and light-hearted. After introducing a set of vocabulary centered on a theme (such as animals, clothing, family, etc.), I guide the children through a series of songs, games and activities. We play with the words and learn verbs and phrases to support them. As the children gain a sense of mastery of the key vocabulary, we shift to a new theme, building on what they’ve previously learned.

I was honored to receive the TopNotch teacher award from WISC-TV3 in June 2009. This video interview is a good snapshot of my teaching style.

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