Spanish Camp2012¡Hola! I am Marti Fechner, the Owner/Instructor of Grow into Spanish LLC. Students called me Maestra Marti (teacher.) I have been teaching group Spanish lessons in the Madison area since 2006, and I love what I do! Since my first exposure at age 12, I have loved Spanish. When I graduated from Marquette University with my bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communications in Business from their college of Speech, I also earned my minor in Spanish.

It is my goal to get kids excited about Spanish, setting them on the road to being bilingual, while opening their hearts and minds to cultures that are different from their own experiences.
Inspired by a sister of mine and her Peruvian husband who are raising their children bilingually, I decided to teach my children Spanish and witnessed first-hand how quickly they pick it up. After working many years in management in the computer software industry and then as a corporate trainer, I changed gears to bring my skills in teaching, business and parenting to the role of children’s Spanish teacher.

My style of teaching is active and light-hearted. I guide the children through songs, games and activities. We play with the words and learn verbs and phrases to support them. We read and act out stories using Total Physical Response. I use lots of Comprehensible Input to help the children gain as much exposure to Spanish as I can during our classes.

I was honored to receive the TopNotch teacher award from WISC-TV3 in June 2009. This video interview is a good snapshot of my teaching style.

Come try out a class. Please contact me with any questions.