Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll my child in the first session and see how it goes before enrolling in the 2nd semester? Yes, you can register for just the first session. Priority registration in 2nd semester is given to those enrolled in 1st semester, before opening 2nd semester up to new students.
How long are the classes? Depending on the location, preschool Spanish classes are 35-45 minutes long, and elementary ages classes are 45-60 minutes long.
How do I register? Go to the Calendar/Register page, click on the class you want, and you will be taken to a registration form to complete.
What forms of payment do you take? Payment byACH or check is preferred (to save me credit card fees), and all major credit cards are accepted.

Are the sessions different or will the same information be repeated? In each session there will be continued practice on basics such as greetings, colors, and numbers, but each of session focuses on different vocabulary themes, so kids can continue to grow their Spanish vocabulary. The preschool curriculum spans 2 years, and the elementary curriculum spans 4 years, so students can continue to improve their Spanish abilities throughout the years.

How many students are in each class? Usually the minimum number of students is 5, and the maximum is 10 in each class to ensure each child has good opportunity to participate and get attention from the teacher. Camps have a limit of 15 students per camp.
Do you do private lessons? I do offer a select few private lessons, but my schedule is pretty full, so I have limited availability.
When is summer registration open? Registration for summer offerings will be in the Spring. Sign up for our Mailing List to be alerted when Registration opens.
Other questions? Contact Marti via email at marti@growintospanish.com or call (608) 279-4491.