Favorite Spanish Music

Here are some of my favorite children’s music in Spanish. Parents often ask me what music I use in class so that they can practice with their child at home. It’s a great way to reinforce what your children are learning.

  • I love just about anything by José-Luiz Orozco of Arcoiris Records. His music gives the kids an authentic accent, and his songs are fun, educational and cultural. Here are two I use in class most often.
  • A favorite of mine… Risas y sonrisas (Laughter and Smiles) by Leticia Smith. This can be found at http://www.spanishforkids.com.
  • I also really like Sarah Barchas (High Haven Music) because her music is so fun and lively! Some songs may be a bit too fast for some.
  • Twin Sisters Productions’ CD is simply called Spanish. It is done in both Spanish and English at a slow pace, and covers a lot of basics.
  • The Teach Me Tapes, specifically “Teach Me…Spanish”, by Judy Mahoney are available in many languages. They are done bilingually, using many familiar childhood songs, interspersed with a child talking about her day.
  • Who doesn’t like Sesame Street? Familiar Sesame Street characters talk and sing lots of fun songs teaching basic vocabulary on their “Fiesta Songs” CD by Sesame Street Records.
  • SpanishPlaytime’s Muévete CD is loads of active fun.

You can find most of these and many more through your local library or through online sources like Amazon.com.