Some of my favorite books


  • I love Mo Willems books. Try “No dejes que la paloma conduzca el autobús/Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” or “Conejito Knuffle/Knuffle Bunny”
  • Margaret & Margarita by Lynn Reiser
  • Say Hola to Spanish by Susan Middleton Elya
  • Oso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qué ves ahí? (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?) by Eric Carle (Anything by Eric Carle that you can find in Spanish!)
  • English-Spanish Foundations Series by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza (titles such as Mi familia y yo/My Family & I, Mi casa/My House, Opuestos/Opposites, etc.)
  • What Is Your Language? by Debra Leventhal
  • Mira is Look, Libro is Book by Ana Galan
  • Bear in a Square/Oso en un cuadrado by Stella Blackstone (there is a whole series of Bear books from Barefoot Books)
  • 3 books by Ginger Foglesong Guy: Fiesta, Siesta, Piñata
  • ¡Perros, perros! Dogs, Dogs! by Ginger Foglesong Guy
  • Cucú – ¡Te veo! by Francesca Ferri (a series)
  • Mira a los animales (book w CD) by SchoolSpecialty Publishing

Favorite Spanish CD’s for kids

Here are some of my favorite children’s CD’s in Spanish. Parents often ask me what music I use in class so that they can practice with their child at home. It’s a great way to reinforce what your children are learning.

  • I love just about anything by José-Luiz Orozco of Arcoiris Records. His music gives the kids an authentic accent, and his songs are fun, educational and cultural. Here are two I use in class most often.
    • Diez Deditos – 10 Little Fingers
    • Vol. 5 – Letras, Numeros, Colores (letters, numbers, colors)
  • A favorite of mine… Risas y sonrisas (Laughter and Smiles) by Leticia Smith. This can be found at
  • I also really like Sarah Barchas (High Haven Music). I like her music because it is so fun and lively! Some songs may be a bit too fast for some.
    • ¡Todos, Listos, Canten! (Ready, Set, Sing)
    • Piñata and More! (this one is better for elementary school age)
  • Twin Sisters Productions’ CD is simply called Spanish. It is done in both Spanish and English at a slow pace, and covers a lot of basics.
  • The Teach Me Tapes, specifically “Teach Me…Spanish”, by Judy Mahoney are available in many languages. They are done bilingually, using many familiar childhood songs, interspersed with a child talking about her day.
  • Who doesn’t like Sesame Street? Familiar Sesame Street characters talk and sing lots of fun songs teaching basic vocabulary on their “Fiesta Songs” CD by Sesame Street Records.

You can find most of these and many more through your local library or through online sources like

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