Activities for Summer 2019 have ended. ¡Gracias por un verano muy divertido!

CAMPS: Our camps are 4 days of nothing but Spanish fun. These lively camps are designed to ramp up your child’s Spanish vocabulary and cultural understanding through engaging games, songs, books, and activities centered on a theme for the week.

One of our most popular camps is “Let’s Travel” in which we explore a different Spanish-speaking country each day while learning vocabulary related to travel. Another favorite is “Ready for School” which helps kids learn the Spanish words for school-related objects, places, people, learning how to make friends as well as ask for and give help. It really helps young ones have more confidence heading to school.

New this year was “Christmas in July.” What a blast that was! We’ll definitely repeat that one in the future.

The preschool camps (for ages 4-6) are taught bilingually, and the elementary camps (for kids entering 1st – 5th grade in Fall) are 90% immersion. We use lots of comprehensible input, visual support, sign language and more to help all learners develop their Spanish skills.

Each day children will be encouraged to try a Spanish food and practice dining out manners at our cultural snack time. Daily crafts provide additional cultural learning and hands-on creativity. Each camp ends with a piñata.

EVENTS: Also available are one-hour enrichment events to keep kids using their Spanish in real-life situations… like the playground, restaurants, even a dance class, all facilitated by Maestra Marti.

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Learning Spanish has never been so much fun!