• Yay! It’s Spanish day! This is my favorite day.  Anna, age 4, Verona, WI.
  • When I signed up my 4 year old son for Spanish class, I wasn’t sure how he would feel about learning a new language. After the first week of class, he started asking me every morning if it was “Spanish day” and looking forward to it all week! Maestra Marti teaches the lessons in a way that is active, fun, and engaging and all of the children leave class with a smile on their face. She always sends home worksheets so the children can continue practicing at home what they learned in class. Since starting class, my son has been interested in checking out books from the library in Spanish and continuing to practice his vocabulary at home. Highly recommended! Thank you! Carly
  • Our daughter started Spanish with Marti Fechner when she was two, and since that first day, she has ranked Spanish above all other classes and sports she has participated in.  Marti teaches introductory Spanish language and culture in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate manner.  The kids learn through a wide variety of songs, games, and activities.  Parents receive an email update, along with activities and games that can be played at home, in case you’d like to practice what the kids have learned. Above all, Marti is an amazing teacher who inspires enthusiasm in the children she teaches.  Please consider giving your child the opportunity to grow with her!  Cheryl, Verona.
  • Thank you, Marti. (My son) can be a bit shy, but he learned so much from you. Everyday he came home from camp, he was teaching us new Spanish words and wanted to know other words in Spanish too. Out of several camps that I signed him up for this summer, he enjoyed and learned the most from Spanish camp. I am hoping to sign him up for more sessions with you next summer. Thank you for providing my son with a great learning experience. – Maloree, Madison.
  • Thanks so much for such a fun week of Spanish camp for the boys! Honestly, I wasn’t sure how they’d like it. They are not fond of their Spanish class at school, and I wasn’t sure if they’d be into a camp that didn’t involve a ball. Boy was I wrong. They had so much fun! They came away each day with a positive attitude and an excitement for learning Spanish. At the end of the week, (they) said that you are “the best Spanish teacher in the world”. I’d have to agree. 😊 Anna, Fitchburg
  • Thank you so much for all you do during the school year and the summer with children! Our daughter LOVED going to camp every day, learning more Spanish, and seeing you. She has been driving her brothers a little nuts by replying in Spanish as much as possible here at home. Thanks again.😊Sacia, Madison.
  • I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much my daughter is loving Spanish class with you and how much she is learning! We are so thankful for this opportunity. I’ll have to come check out the tail end of class one of these Fridays. Additionally, these emails and your parent communication is outstanding and we really appreciate that! Thank you so much. –Evie,  Verona. 

  • From a parent whose child just started Two-Way Immersion Kindergarten:  On the first day, the kids went in for an hour to unpack school supplies. The supplies were to be unpacked in various baskets around the room and the baskets were labeled in both English and Spanish. Without anyone saying anything, he just started unpacking his backpack and speaking in Spanish: “Oh! Crayones! Uno, dos, tres…Carpetas! Uno, dos, tres…” Wow! I thought he would be shy going into the classroom hearing many of the students speaking fluently in Spanish, but the confidence he had going into the classroom was amazing! I’m so glad we made the investment in your camps over the summer – Aaron just loved them and they clearly prepared him for a successful start to the school year. Thank you!  –Lyndsay, Verona.

  • “It is fun! We play all sorts of games, and you really learn Spanish in a fun way.”  Annie, Grade 4, Verona.
    Spanish Camp 2 2013

  • Our daughter absolutely loves Spanish with you, and we use it at least 10 times a day. I can’t believe how much she picks up, and I can’t tell you enough how awesome I think you are. You handle every situation that comes your way, no matter how challenging, with ease (at least it appears that way ;). ) thanks so much for making learning so fun for her. I really appreciate it! Katy, Oregon, WI

  • Since starting Marti’s Spanish lessons 2 years ago, she is more aware of Spanish being spoken in the community and is drawn to it. At a park, she will gravitate toward a Spanish conversation and gets excited when she can decipher words that a family is speaking. The classes are engaging and involve plenty of physical activity to keep the kids involved. We became so inspired that I applied for a grant for Spanish to be taught at her elementary school and it was accepted for this fall. We are glad to know that she will have head start in that subject thanks to the exposure she received during her preschool years.  Carrie, Madison
  • My 4-year old loves to repeat the songs and uses her new vocabulary words throughout her day, without any prompting from me! My seventh grade son’s friends were working on Spanish homework and started quizzing her, thinking they could stump her, but she kept up, naming every color and body part they quizzed her on.
    Ellen, Oregon, WI
  • Spanish is a fun experience with Señora Marti! If only I had learned about it earlier! Each class is a perfect balance of listening, speaking, participating, and movement. All the kids are always fully engaged and have a lot of fun. Your positive approach to learning and engagement management is just the right environment for second language learning. I appreciate the handouts that let my son continue learning at home. Gracias, Señora Marti! Julia, Parent & Elementary and English as a Second Language Teacher, Madison.
  • I’d just like to take the time and tell you I’m very impressed on how much our daughter has learned in class. Its really amazing that once a week for a few months she’s picked as much as she has! And it’s a fun spin that she’s teaching us some Spanish! Thanks! …. Tiffany, Madison.
  • Tonight, we were playing a Sight Word Bingo game and the word that came up was “red”. She looked at her bingo board and said “No tengo rojo” because she didn’t have the word on her board. It was just spontaneous and perfect. And she had to explain to her daddy what she said. It was pretty cool, especially in her own mind and she asked if I would tell you. Susan, Madison
  • SpanishMy daughter truly enjoyed learning Spanish with Señora Marti. She still practices her new vocabulary even though we are no longer in classes. Señora Marti is a very engaging teacher and does a great job getting the students to participate! Tina, Verona.
  • Our son started class partway through the school year, but after a few weeks he was already teaching us all his colors and numbers in Spanish. He now knows weather, opposites, animals, clothing and more. Whatever Ms. Marti is doing, she’s doing it right. Matt and Maddie, Waunakee.
  • Our son is having a blast in Spanish. I cannot believe how much he already knows. Kudos to you!!! He is very proud to know tell me what he knows. Thanks so much for everything. Adrienne, Madison.
  • You are awesome!! Our daughter is really loving Spanish. True story – I pick her up from school in the lobby at school. Sometimes when she meets me in the lobby after school – she greets me by saying something in Spanish and I answer her in Spanish, we then go back and forth few times. Well, one day last week another mom overheard us and asked if she was in the dual immersion program or do we speak multiple languages at home. Cool!  Kari, Verona.
  • That was more fun than Christmas! Sam, age 4, Fitchburg.